The Johnsons headed to Victoria, British Columbia for a rodeo on Saturday. The trip involved an hour and a half ride on a ferry with the truck and trailer. On the ferry they watched the scenery and ate upstairs. Sherrylynn commented that it was like rodeoing and vacationing at the same time. The Johnsons know how to do that well. When possible they go to football games, shop at sporting good stores and take in the local fare.

They were in Redding, CA on a Friday, Victoria on Saturday, and Falkland, British Columbia on Sunday. Sherrylynn and Scooby placed in the money at Falkland. Luck was not on their side through the weekend, but that’s the way it goes with the sport sometimes. Sherrylynn said, “That's rodeo! Get ‘em at the next one.”

Check out this video of Sherrylynn on Scooby in Falkland.

The photos below are from the ferry trip. 


This photo of Mike and Sherrylynn is hard to see but it’s of them pausing from enjoying the view to have their photo taken.