Mike had a difficult time getting to the Florida Cow Town Cattleman’s Rodeo & Festival in Okeechobee this past weekend. The main freeway was shut down due to ice and weather. After driving through less than ideal conditions, Mike finally made it to the rodeo and placed in the money.

The Okeechobee Rodeo is a mix of cattle wrangling and bull fighting that dates back to sixteenth century conquistadors. Its history started when contests between ranches started to become more common as bronco riding, bull riding, and roping contests began to grow in number.

 This photo is an all too familiar scene for Sherrylynn. Between clinics and rodeos Sherrylynn has been in an airport more than half of the past week. It would be logical to assume that pro rodeo competitors spend most of their time at the rodeo. What becomes clear after reading and learning more about the Johnson’s travels is that there is an enormous amount of travel involved, and a lot more flying than you might expect. Sherrylynn, as stated in earlier articles, is a logistics mastermind. She can rattle off rodeos, mileage and the amount of gas required between each of their stops for the next couple of months ... off the top of her head.

 While driving to the next event, Sherrylynn’s hauling partner decided she wanted to see the horses competing in a nearby World Cup Grand Prix up close and personal so she drove down the middle of it – horses in the trailer and all! Sherrylynn said jumping horses never looked so good.