Mike Johnson is still running strong in the top 15 with nearly $12,000 for the winter rodeos.

Mike and Sherrylynn held a clinic in Riverton, Wyoming at Central Wyoming College. At the clinic they had 35 ropers, 12 goat tiers and 14 barrel racers. Mike and Sherrylynn spoke at the post-clinic banquet.  After the clinic Mike flew to Houston and Sherrylynn flew back to Florida. From Houston Mike drove to Florida and met up with Sherrylynn there.

Once Sherrylynn was back in Florida she hit the ground running. She had a clinic in Davie, Florida and then one in West Palm Beach. From there Mike and Sherrylynn are heading to rodeos in Arcadia and Okeechobee over this next weekend.

Scooby stayed in Florida and obviously loves the weather. Sherrylynn agrees with Scooby since it was -2 degrees in Wyoming and only got up to 7 degrees before she and Mike left.



This photo is of Sherrylynn and her friend enjoying the beach under a borrowed umbrella.


This photo is of Sherrylynn, her friend and the "Tin Man". Sherrylynn said, “Boy do we look like tourists!” (It might be impossible to get your photo taken with the “Tin Man” in front of a Dairy Queen and not look like a tourist.)