The Johnsons had a busy January, which is no surprise. Mike went to Denver, Colorado, then on to Fort Worth, Texas. After Fort Worth the Johnsons were heading to Bridle Creek in Northern Oklahoma then on to Rapid City, South Dakota. Mike has a great start on the new year and will be working hard to keep that success going through the rest of the rodeo season.

Mike and Sherrylynn are always busy doing clinics in between rodeos. They have worked on a clinic schedule for 2014 so check back for more information on where they’ll be and when so you can try to catch them if they’re close to your neck of the woods.

In December was the Mike Johnson's World's Richest Calf Roping and Sherrylynn Johnson Barrel Race Invitational. This year they also added a junior day to this big event. It was a great success.

Congratulations to the winners!


Mike and Sherrylynn have more news that wasn’t quite ready to share yet so be sure to visit again soon.