Richard Alan Lamb: Curriculum Vitae

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2015 Doctor of Philosophy in Computing Technology in Education (in progress)
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33314

2011 Master of Science in Teaching and Learning
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111

1973 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (with Special Emphasis in Computer Science) and Philosophy (cum laude)
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas 67260


2011 Sloan-Consortium: Online Teaching

2011 CSU-Global: Organization Training & Instructional Design

2011 CSU-Global: Online Teaching & Learning


2006 – Present Executive Producer, Host, Writer, Editor, Mixer, Lamb Stew, Inc. dba D Bar Productions, Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Create weekly national television series (The Horse Show with Rick Lamb), coordinate advertising sales, handle all promotion and publicity.

1997 – Present Executive Producer, Host, Recording Engineer, Lamb Stew, Inc. dba The Horse Show, Phoenix, Arizona 85032

Create one weekly and one daily nationally syndicated radio series (The Horse Show with Rick Lamb and The Horse Show Minute), coordinate advertising sales, handle all promotion and publicity.

2009 Adjunct Faculty, University of Montana Western, Dillon, Montana, 59725

Taught “Equine Behavior and the Development of Natural Horsemanship,” capstone course in the Natural Horsemanship degree program.

1977 – 2008 Owner, Manager, Recording Engineer, Composer, Producer, Lamb Stew, Inc. dba Lambchops Studios, Phoenix, Arizona, 85014

Created, built, and operated a professional audio production facility with two locations, specializing in support of advertising agencies with voice-over recording, audio for video, and custom music production. Supervised up to seven employees.

1982 – 1983 Management Consultant in Data Processing, independent contractor, Phoenix, Arizona, 85032

Conducted system study for direct mail company, developed strategic upgrade plan, prepared comprehensive report with hardware/software recommendations.

1978 – 1982 Contract Programmer, Anrix Corporation, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250

Converted existing credit card processing COBOL programs to meet new business needs, developed new programs as needed, designed and developed new programming for Datapoint Minicomputers used for front-end processing of batched transactions.

1975 – 1978 Programmer, Senior Programmer, System Designer, American Express WROC, Phoenix, Arizona, 85012

Converted existing assembler language programs to run under newer IBM operating system, researched new IBM data communications technology and developed system and functional specifications to join multiple independent networks into one enterprise-wide resource.

1973 – 1975 Systems Analyst, Dynatax, Wichita, Kansas 67202

Designed, developed, and maintained computer programs in FORTRAN, COBOL, and IBM assembler language to prepare federal and state income tax returns. Wrote two volume analysis programs for president of company.

1969 – 1973 Library Clerk, Wichita City Library, Wichita, Kansas 67202

Performed various administrative duties, including checking materials in and out, shelving materials, and researching special requests.

1965 – Present Professional Musician

Performed in numerous pop music groups from duos to nine-piece bands. Vocalist and instrumentalist (trombone, bass guitar, 12-string guitar, piano, organ). Studio work: performing, composing, arranging, and producing all types of music.



Lamb, R.A. (2008). Human to horseman: A journey of discovery, growth, and celebration. North Pomfret, VT: Trafalgar Square Books.

Lamb, R.A. (2005). Rick Lamb’s horse smarts for the busy rider: Insights in small bites from The Horse Show Minute radio program. Guilford, CT: The Lyons Press.

Miller, R.M. & Lamb, R.A. (2004). The revolution in horsemanship and what it means to mankind. Guilford, CT: The Lyons Press.

Magazine Articles

Lamb, R.A. (2006, September). Gentle as possible, firm as necessary:
Committing to the Dorrance creed. Horse & Rider, 45(9), 16.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, August). Instinct: Thinking like a human and a horse. Horse
& Rider, 45(8), 15.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, July). Moderation in all things: Aristotle offers good advice for horsemen. Horse & Rider, 45(7), 18.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, June). Postcard from Brazil. Horse & Rider, 45(6), 35-43.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, May). Adjusting to fit the situation: Peeling back the layers of a simple idea. Horse & Rider, 45(5), 18.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, April). The head and tail method: How spinning a horse can
change its attitude. Horse & Rider, 45(4), 19.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, March). Laying a horse down: The how and why of an extreme technique. Horse & Rider, 45(3), 15.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, February). Stepping up to the stirrup and its tie to feudalism.
Horse & Rider, 45(2), 86.

Lamb, R.A. (2006, January). Galvayne and his groove: Determining a horse’s
age by his teeth. Horse & Rider, 45(1), 15.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, December). Dennis Magner and the art of direct subjugation.
Horse & Rider, 44(12), 80.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, November). Denton Offutt: Out of the shadows. Horse & Rider, 44(11), 80-81.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, October). Professor Pratt: Huckster, hero, horseman. Horse & Rider, 44(10), 17.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, September). Beery’s blue booklets. Horse & Rider, 44(9), 21.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, August). Sullivan’s secret. Horse & Rider, 44(8), 19-20.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, July). Xenophon and Simon, the first natural horsemen. Horse & Rider, 44(7), 21.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, June). Alexander the Great and Bucephalus. Horse &
Rider, 44(6), 19.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, May). ‘Professor’ Sample and his horse-taming machine.
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Lamb, R.A. (2005, April). Kell Jeffery, unsung hero of Aussie horsemanship.
Horse & Rider, 44(4), 17.

Lamb, R.A. (2005, March). John Solomon Rarey, superstar. Horse & Rider, 44(3), 16.

Blog Articles

Lamb, R.A. (2008 through 2012). 114 articles. Messages posted to


“Equine Behavior 101”
“The Seven Key Qualities of a Horseman”
“Finding Flicka: Choosing a Horse That’s Right for You”
“Micromanagers Need Not Apply: Giving a Horse What he Really Needs”
“Mythbusting: Dispelling Common Misconceptions about Natural Horsemanship”
“The Power of Natural Horsemanship: Understanding & Using a Horse’s Nature”
“Whisperers, Tamers & Professors: Time Travels for Modern Horsemen”
“The Two Minute Introduction”


Telly Awards – TV music composition (4)
Telly Award – TV documentary
Telly Award – TV writing
Communicator Award – radio episode
Communicator Award – TV documentary
Communicator Award – TV writing
AQHA Steel Dust Award – radio episode
AQHA Sprint Award – radio episode
USA Equestrian Media Award for Broadcast Media Excellence – radio episode
U.S.E.F. Pegasus Media Award – radio episode
U.S.E.F. Daniel P. Lenehan Trophy for Overall Excellence – radio episode


The Sloan Consortium
American Quarter Horse Association
American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (writer, publisher)
Eagle Boy Scout