Road to the Horse has grown from an unlikely idea – a colt-starting contest built on natural horsemanship principles – to the must-see event of the year for students of horsemanship. For Diana and me, it’s something more. It’s a chance to be at the top of our game before a huge live audience (she announces and I host), a chance to party with friends, fans, and sponsors, and, of course, a chance to learn from the finest horsemen and horsewomen around. Now, being part of this phenomenon since day one, you’d think I would be privy to most that’s gone on. And you’d be wrong. After a recent spa day at the Boulders Resort in Carefree, Arizona, RTTH creator Tootie Bland shared a few behind-the-scenes stories that surprised even me. I’ve included some of the G-rated ones in this week’s radio show.