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Rick News I'm a father, son, brother, husband, and friend. I love to write and ride, and write about riding. I make radio and TV shows and write books for horse lovers like me. I love to learn. I hope you enjoy my work. 123
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  • Welcome to The Horse Show Blog!

    Hi and welcome to my blog! Let's talk. This is our chance to get to know one another. Rick Lamb Host The Horse Show
  • Rick's new book

    Whew! The new book is finally done and in the publisher's hands. It's very personal and has many behind-the-scenes stories. I also share much of what I've learned about handling, training, and caring for horses. I hope you like it!
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  • Party at Monty's

    Hi everyone, I'm new to blogging so I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do. I guess just share thoughts with my friends. Anyway, that's how I'm approaching this. Somebody please tell me if that's not right! Diana and...
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  • Road to the Horse

    Two weeks from today I'll be in the arena at Road to the Horse, doing my thing: talking. I'll also be learning, watching these great trainers do what they do best. Tickets sold out several weeks ago, but you can still sign up for the live webcast...
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  • From Nashville

    Hi everyone, Just a quick note today. I'm sitting in a Hampton Inn in Nashville finishing breakfast. In a couple hours I'll drive the 30 or so miles to Murfreesboro to setup for Road to the Horse. I'll also see my new book, Human to Horseman...
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  • Cox wins RTTH 2008

    Hi everyone, Still high from this weekend's Road to the Horse colt-starting competition in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The fans were just incredible. Returning champ, Chris Cox, went up against Ken McNabb, Tommy Garland, and the "mystery clinician...
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  • On the loose in Durango

    Hello from the living quarters of my horse trailer! Diana and I are camped outside Alamosa, Colorado and it's COLD! Luckily we have everything we need in our little home away from home. We're heading back to Phoenix after a two-week expo road...
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  • Shooting TV spot with my horses

    Today we had a fun day shooting a TV commercial for Ritchie Waterers at our house. All four of our horses got into the act. The challenge was to get them to drink on cue. Remember the old adage about leading a horse to water? Well, Diana proved it wrong...
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  • Remembering Orren Mixer

    Hi Friends, Orren Mixer passed away this week at 87. Many of you have been touched by him, even if you didn't know his name or have the priviledge of spending some time with him, as I did. Orren was a painter and a true horse lover. His painting...
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  • Haythorn Ranch

    Spent a couple days at the Haythorn Ranch in Nebraska "helping" with the calf branding. Actually I wasn't much help but they kindly let me ride along with the cowboys and even rope and drag a few calves to the fire. We shot video for our...
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  • Doug Preston

    I'm a reader, or a bookworm as they used to say. I always have a novel and a few nonfiction books working. My buddy, Rick Swan, got me started on the Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child thrillers. Turns out Doug Preston is an avid horseman - did a 1,000...
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  • Questions?

    It occurred to me the other day that this blog might be a good way for me to answer a few horse-related questions. So, if something is on your mind, ask away! Rick
  • Wild Horse Issue

    Okay, let's get some rational discussion going here on the wild horse "slaughter" being proposed by the BLM. What should they do instead? It does no good to mobilize public support against something when you have no workable alternative...
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  • What is a natural horseman?

    Random musings ... Natural horsemanship begins with clearing one's mind of preconceptions and making a serious study of the nature of the horse as a unique animal species. It then requires a commitment to working with the horse's nature rather...
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  • Proactive vs reactive teaching

    Hi everyone, A proven way of influencing a horse's behavior is to reward desirable actions and punish undesirable actions. This is called operant conditioning. Note that this is all about consequences. Positive consequences for good behavior. Negative...
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  • Use of Blocker Tie Ring

    Hi everyone, The Blocker Tie Ring first came to my attention about five years ago when I met its inventor, Ted Blocker. I got to know Ted and this tool very well during the time we both spent on Clinton Anderson's tours from 2003 to 2006. To my...
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  • Bucking when pushed

    I received the following question from a viewer. It's a good one and I'd like to share the answer with everyone. R Hi there,I just watched your show for the first time and was very impressed. I have a problem that I can not find the answer...
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  • Is natural horsemanship a myth?

    Dear friends, Just wanted to climb on the old soapbox for a few minutes. I came across a well-written article online that put forth the argument that natural horsemanship is a myth. I won’t say who wrote it, but I was surprised. I expected him...
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  • Gene Autry

    Dear friends, This week we air one of my favorite TV episodes, "Gene Autry and the Seven Champions." I saw him live on stage when I was three years old, and like most Americans of my generation, I've been a fan ever since. But that...
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  • Looking a Horse in the Eye

    Dear Friends, Monty Roberts makes the argument that looking a horse in the eye drives him away, that it is interpreted by the horse as a challenge. I don't want you to think you can never look your horse in the eye, so let me add my thoughts...
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  • Untangling a matted mane

    Hi Friends, Got a great question about the best way to clean up a matted mane. My wife, Diana, is very good at this. Here's the procedure I learned from her: Preparation: Teach your horse to stand quietly while being groomed. Set aside at least...
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  • Report on Road to the Horse 2009

    Just got back from RTTH. Great new venue this year with plenty of room for vendors and the 6,000 folks who attended. Thanks to Tootie for the pro sound system and to Craig, Andrew, and Diana for running it so well. The VIP room was awesome, although I...
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  • Radio interview on Slaughter Ban

    Friends, My recent radio interview with Dr. Tom Lenz really stirred the pot. Dr. Lenz is an equine veterinarian who represents a group called the Unwanted Horse Coalition ( ), which is supported by the AAEP, AVMA, AQHA...
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  • Fidgeting, Surging while leading

    Hey Rick I just use my horse for trail riding only. i have 2 problems that i would like to fix.1. he wont stand still when i stop. 2. when i lead him he wants to walk ahead of me. do you have any pointers to help me with these problems or have a book...
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  • Eating on the Trail

    Hi Rick, What is your take on a horse eating while on the trail? I understand stopping and putting the head down is a no-no, but what if you never knew it was happening unless you witnessed it? There is some really long grass out there. My friend has...
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