Michael Martin Murphey Sessions at Red River CD

Michael Martin Murphey - Sessions at Red River

We partnered up with Murph to produce 5 very special music videos. In these videos Murph explains the origins of each song and then his band performs it. Knowing the backstory makes the songs much more interesting. Click here to see the videos.

Sessions at Red River includes the 11 classic cowboy songs; Lil Joe The Wrangler, El Paso, Spanish is the Loving Tongue, Strawberry Roan, Tying Knots in the Devils Tail, When the Works All Done, I Ride an Old Paint, Red River Valley, Utah Carroll, Old Horse and Cowboy Logic. This CD also includes one of our favorites, Three Sons, from his newest CD High Stakes.  Listen to the complete Sessions CD here.

Murph makes amazing music. You’re certain to enjoy these CDs and videos. 

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