About Richard

Richard Winters, a horseman for more than 35 years, has been living the dream! A world-famous clinician and prizewinning trainer of horses and their riders. Richard's credentials extend from the rodeo arena and high desert ranches of the West to being a highly sought-after horse trainer and horsemanship clinician. Among his many accolades, Richard won the National Reined Cow Horse Association World Championship and earned the NRCHA Hackamore Circuit Championship title in Pueblo, Colorado. He is a AA rated judge. Winters is a Road to the Horse Colt Starting Champion and returned for six years as their Horseman's Host. He also won the International Colt Starting Contest in Poland. Winters was a top-five finalist at the Cowboy Dressage World Finals. He is the author of From Rider to Horseman, published by Western Horseman Magazine.

After serving as The Thacher School's Horse Program Director for two years the
Winters are embarking on a new yet very familiar adventure. Richard and Cheryl had been looking at Texas properties for 15 years, and have found their dream property just outside of Weatherfod, Texas. This is now the new home base for Richard Winters Horsemanship.

Richard enjoys traveling and helping horse owners gain the experience needed to take themselves and their equine partners to the next level. "To stretch the envelope and encourage people to do a little more than they would do on their own is very fulfilling." International travels include Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Mexico, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden. A love for horses, knowledge developed through years of practice and study, as well as a willingness to continue learning are the components that make Richard the "Masterful Communicator" he is today!

You can connect with Richard on Facebook, YouTube, www.wintersranch.com and through their bi-monthly newsletter.