Recently there has been increased interest in the injuries, including fractures that occur at our racetracks. This has agitated many people and caused some to campaign against the sport.

Those who are concerned about the problem, and frankly, all persons involved in horse racing an any way, should read Sports Medicine for Performance Horses, a book by William E. Jones, DVM, Ph.D., Paperback version by Doc Jones Publishing 2012.

This book effectively explains and updates the scientifically based information on how improper nutrition, exercise routines, training techniques, and inappropriate medications may cause or worsen the problem.

It is understandable why many people involved in horseracing will, in attempting to improve the horse’s speed, endurance, and welfare, impose untested training methods, dietary supplements, and other routines in an attempt to increase racing success, but, some of these unproven factors may actually increase the incidence of racetrack breakdowns.

Dr. Jones’ book will help to reduce the sad incidence of racetrack disasters.