Fred Stone, the world’s foremost painter of horses, has been a client, neighbor and friend for half a century.

Fred’s paintings, mostly, but not exclusively, are of Thoroughbred racehorses. Living in a modest rural home as long as I have known him, he paints in a tiny studio, producing works of art treasured by horse lovers everywhere. His art even decorates large structures at racetracks here and abroad.

What I find most impressive about his work is how he captures the precise personality of the horses. I can look at the expression in the head and the eye of the subject, as I can on a living horse, and see in the painting the exact mood and attitude of the horse.

And, amazingly, he does this in watercolor!

Fred graced our practice with some of his treasured prints, and we also have several in our home.

Fred’s book, Reflections On A Golden Age, subtitled The Racing Art of Fred Stone (Equinart, Inc. 2010) is a coffee table masterpiece, filled with the author’s great artwork plus text by him and guest writers.

Horse lovers, and especially those who treasure horse art will adore this book.