I will be forever grateful to the Spalding Labs company for their Fly Predators. I have previously described how our relationship began many years ago. It was 1978. I had read about the Predator Flies, and my practice partner, Dr. Larry Dresher, was using them satisfactorily.

It was noon, on an August day. The temperature was over one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. I was at a large stable in an isolated canyon, working on a mare’s leg, trying to determine the cause of her lameness.

I suddenly became aware of the lack of flies. I asked the ranch manager who was standing nearby, “What are you using for fly control?” I assumed it was some kind of insecticide spray.

“Fly Predators,” she replied.

“That’s all?” I asked. “No insecticides?”

“Nope,” she responded. “Just Predators works great!”

I ordered Fly Predators the next day and have been a user ever since.

My place is in an isolated canyon, but off from the marine air layer that gives Western California its benevolent climate, summer temperatures reach extreme daily highs and consequently, the warm season (half the year) has a nasty fly season. The regular use of Spalding Fly Predators has tremendously reduced the fly problem. (I have persuaded my neighbors to use them too. They have horses, cattle, goats, and even emus that the coyotes haven’t yet wiped out.)

Spalding now has several other products available. They include various fly traps and sprays and Bye Bye Odor. I hope that Spalding achieves the success with these items that they did with their Fly Predators. I have become a loyal customer.