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Angelea is a USDF Gold Medalist

About Angelea

As a life long equestrian, Angelea has not only ridden and trained but she has successfully competed in Dressage through Grand Prix earning both her USDF Silver and Gold Medals. Angelea’s post university career found her behind an illuminated computer screen working in Internet technologies with online communities. She turned in her full-time keyboard with her companies successful acquisition by a major Internet brand and is now focusing her energies on maximizing the still emerging world of new media for horse lovers.

From Angelea

Hello! I’m Angelea Kelly; pixel pusher by day and aspiring author by night. :-) For those of you that know me you’re familiar with my USEF Pegasus award-winning work at HorseGirlTV® (http://horsegirltv.com) tag lined, Tune in. Tack up.® and I thank you for watching the series. For those of you that don't, read on...

High School Rodeo Queen Competition

I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Texas in a rural community spat out from a geyser of the Houston oil boom. Time for me without a love of horses does not exist, therefore, insert horse riding at an early age. At that time, the options in Texas were “You can ride western.” or “You can ride western.” and when I asked if I could try dressage I was looked upon as if I’d sprouted a second head. So, I rode western and enjoyed the life of a 4-H kid buying and selling my own horses starting at age 10 and getting on anything anyone would let me ride.

Life happens and then...

Now what can I say? I’ve since earned my own way through university with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I played my role in the dotcom boom working with one of the original social networking companies fortuitously destined to be acquired by Yahoo, Inc. I’ve lived all over the United States, in Spain and Holland and traveled throughout Europe, the Middle East and the South West Pacific. I worked in the entertainment industry as a professional dancer and actor as well as a production coordinator while spending several whirlwind years living in the hills of LA. I’ve competed successfully in dressage through Grand Prix and have trained with top stateside riders across both coasts as well as extensively in Holland studying the systematic style of many Olympic Champions. My farm is a quaint private stable on the east coast moreover known as my Dutch-inspired ongoing development project. I continue to host HorseGirlTV as I have since 2007 and likewise produced the equestrian inspired ballet barre workout DVD equibarre (http://equibarre.com). I freelance write for a variety of national and international publications and am finishing up my first novel as well as my first how to book this next year.

Needless to say, my life has been on a roll and trying to slow me down could be in the same class as catching a loose warmblood at a dressage show drunk on her new found freedom. You’re going to need more than a lasso to rein me in at this point. Ergo my path combining horse bits and computer bytes lends itself well to a variety of possible writing topics as my ever learning spirit yearns for something new.