bot fly
As always, consult your veterinarian or local agriculture extension to determine your areas best practices for bot fly control.
  • Effective control requires breaking the Bot Fly’s life cycle
  • Bot Fly eggs can be stimulated to hatch by wiping the legs down with a warm (110°) wet cloth. This is effective to remove them from the horse’s coat
  • Bot Fly eggs can also be removed with a comb or brush
  • Insecticidal washes or sprays are available to kill the larvae
  • Products are available for effective Bot Fly control while the Bots are within the horse’s body. Contact your veterinarian for more information
Deworming is the best defense against the bot fly larvae in the horse's mouth and stomach. The wormer you use should contain either moxidectin or ivermectin, as they are the only active ingredients that effectively deal with bots. Consult your veterinarian on correct dosage of wormers intended to fight bot infections.

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