Don't let Cluster Flies move in and overwinter in your home! Follow these Two Simple Steps To Mitigate Cluster Flies now and avoid these unwanted “guests” in your house. Cluster flies do not present a health hazard because they do not lay eggs in human food but they are still a nuisance. Cluster flies are also often referred to as cedar flies because if you mash them up they smell similar to cedar wood. Cluster flies like to move into homes in the early to mid fall, these are the flies that you will occasionally see in the home even during the dead of winter and will come out in homes in droves in the spring. Now is the time to think about sealing up any points of entry for cluster flies.

STEP ONE: It's the time of year to seal up window and door frames and check for any other areas that should be covered to prevent cluster flies such as roof vents, window frames, door frames, and dryer vents which can all be places where cluster flies can encroach on homes.

STEP TWO: Now is also a good time to order an extra bag of 5,000 Fly Predators to just sprinkle around the perimeter of your house to cull any cluster flies that might be lingering about already.