Tis the season to be jolly. Fa, la, la, la,.. wait! What? It was just Christmas? Yes, that's right. It was Cowboy Christmas to be exact. It's a term coined by rodeo riders as a two week period spanning the end of June and top of July. It's a time when rodeo riders can "get the money" over and over and over again with rodeo after rodeo offering lucrative purses! Many days during this window of opportunity there are more than one rodeo a day and dedicated riders can pack miles on their rigs getting from one rodeo to the next with hopes and dreams of winning big.

Now, if you search online for the term Cowboy Christmas you might find links to an event that coincides with the National Finals Rodeo held in Las Vegas, Nevada but it is not the same. The Nevada Cowboy Christmas does take place in December.

You can learn more about Cowboy Christmas by watching this documentary titled American Rodeo: A Cowboy Christmas. Start following some of our favorite rodeo stars like Lari Dee GuyMike Johnson, or Hope Thompson now to keep up with their events year round then follow along virtually, or in person if the notion strikes you to load up the truck, and discover all the great events they attend.

Planning on hitting some rodeos this summer even as a fan in the stands? Don't forget to bring along your bottle of Bye Bye Insects!