The bulk of flies will be breeding in the initial layers of manure pile, in pastures, wet ground near water troughs, grass clippings, etc rather than in the stable where manure is generally mucked daily. Here’s a two simple property management tips to help your Fly Predators do their best work...

ONE: Try to keep the area around your water buckets and troughs as dry as possible. At the very least, pick up hay remnants from around the water troughs to prevent hay chaff. To read more details about hay chaff and clean up tips read Importance of Hay Chaff AND Some Other Cool Stuff Too! article.

TWO: For most animal owners manure management is THE most important variable in any fly control program simply because this is the largest single source of (from a House Fly’s perspective) “the good stuff.” Read Manure Management - Guide to Fly Control article for terrific details about options of best practices for managing your manure.

 Of course, it's always best to start your Fly Predators before you see flies (and it's not too late to start right now but you just might double up your first shipment and supplement with some fly traps to catch the adults you have buzzing around), have bottles of Bye Bye Insects on hand for the trail, shows, and events AS WELL as a bottle of Bye Bye Odor to keep your stable, trailer, and gear fresh and odor free. Always feel free to please give us a call at 888-562-5696 as we are happy to help you identify your flies and offer solutions specific to your property. One more thing!.. Have a watch of this fun and informative video How To Use Fly Predators which even the most seasoned Fly Predator customer can glean nuggets of info to help improve their plan!