Give yourself a pat on the back!!! As a Fly Predator customer you are ALREADY helping reduce annoying flies in a most sustainable manner! Thank you for being a customer and for all your do for our Earth and your animals!

Also, if you don’t already use our Bye Bye Insects Refill Pouch, check it out! By implementing it into your fly management program, you’re eliminating THREE single use spray bottles
We hope you enjoy these additional Five Tips to help you help the earth stay healthy all year round reducing both foot and hoof prints.

Have a reusable, refillable water bottle to keep your beverage cool (or warm) all season long and ditch the store bought bottles of water that tend to taste foul after they’ve sat in the truck or horse trailer too long in the heat.

Setup a recycling bins at your stable. Most local areas have recycling you can drop off. Find your local drop off location and share rotational duties with your fellow stablemates to drop off the recycling. It’s as simple as three paper bags labeled for plastic, paper, and tin/aluminum in your tack room or cantina/viewing room.

Carpool with your besties to lessons or horse show events. Most folks have at least a two horse trailer and many three plus stalls in their transport so consider asking your stablemates if they’d like to share gas and trailer together to lessons or competitions. It’s fun to have someone to chat with on the way to the show and you’ll be saving the environment in the process by putting one less rig on the road!

Stable maintenance… Check for repairs large and small needed around your stable Does a water hose constantly drip? Can that drip be easily fixed by replacing a washer that costs a few pennies? Fix it then not only will you be conserving water, you’ll be saving on the water bill as well plus you’ll be helping mitigate the creation of damp mosquito breeding areas! To fight again mosquito breeding you can also use Mosquito Torpedos.

Refill spray bottles in your barn instead of buying new ones each time. You can order the ecological and stay fresh 3 quart pouch of Bye Bye Odor for $59.99 which is like buying 2 quarts and getting the third one free. Thus, each full-strength refilled quart is only $19.99. Diluted by half it’s just $9.99 per quart. That’s the lowest cost on the market, delivered, for far better performance than low-priced fly sprays.