There’s ONLY ten more shopping days until December 25th! Here’s TEN stocking stuffer ideas for the horses and equestrians in your life!

  1. candy canes or peppermint candies
  2. gift certificates from your favorite tack store or bottles of Bye Bye Insects Spray or Bye Bye Odor Spray
  3. travel hygiene kit
  4. a braiding kit
  5. boot cleaning kit
  6. apples and other horse treats
  7. a new lead rope
  8. name plates for stall, halter, bracelet, etc
  9. hoof picks OR combs OR brushes OR detangler shampoo/conditions!
  10. A season of Fly Predators OR their disciplines annual membership dues!

Here’s a little BONUS  a cold weather tip!.. Keep a small crock pot in with in your tack room to dip your bits into to warm them before putting into your horses mouth on those really chilly days. Another crock pot idea is using it to keep your oil nice and warm around tack cleaning time.