Bye Bye Odor is easy to use with a multitude of applications!
1. Start in your stalls! Muck out each stall, sweep where the urine spot was then spritz some Bye Bye Odor on that spot. You’ll be amazed at how much better your stable smells and surprised at how your horses start laying down throughout the day and overnight thus relaxing more. During fly season you’ll notice a reduction in the flies that come into your stable.

2. Cat boxes. Rename your “kitty room” to “clean room” by using Bye Bye Odor in your cat litter box. Litter boxes are like tiny little stalls (ok... sort of) inside our houses, right? Simply clean the litter box then spritz it with Bye Bye Odor. 

3. Dog kennels. Whether you have your dog kennel inside or outside, spritz a little Bye Bye Odor on their bedding several times per week to neutralize odor. If your pooch happens to have an “accident” in the kennel, wash it out then spray with Bye Bye Odor to mitigate the urine or poo smell. Your furry friend will thank you!

4. Horse trailers! Have horse, will travel, right? If so, you’ve invariably rolled up to your destination, dropped the ramp and to a whoosh of ammonia. Unhealthy! So... Put a bottle of Bye Bye Odor in your truck door and when you stop for gas, spritz a little on the trailer floor in your horse's urine & poo spots. Foul odor will non-existent by the time you arrive to your destination. Much healthier for your horses too!

5. Tack. Start spritzing Bye Bye Odor on everything from your helmets to socks, saddle pads, standing bandages, and riding gloves even. Perspiration, human or animal alike, don't stand a chance!

6. Laundry. Consider end of summer washing stable sheets with a 1/2 cup of Bye Bye Odor before storing them for the following Spring. During the Winter months spritz Bye Bye Odor directly on urine and manure spots on your horses blankets WHILE they were wearing them in the stall or cross ties. This is not recommend this for skittish horses eventually most understand that a spritz on the blanket meant much healthier air in their stall so would gladly stand still. 

Bye Bye Odor is not a cure all solutions for everything that ails us in the world, BUT for any urine, poo, and sweat spots it’s proven to eliminate it all together.

Want more? Here's an additional list of places you can use Bye Bye Odor:
  • Muck Buckets
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Muck Forks
  • Muck Boots
  • Stall Walls
  • Riding Helmets
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Floorboards of Trucks
  • RV Black and Grey water tanks
  • Musty closets