SUMMER HORSE TIP ☀️ Stabled or Outdoors?

Stabled horses: If your horse is stabled with daily turnout, consider adjusting his turn out time to the coolest part of the day. In many parts of the country where day time temps and humidity spike, horse owners consider offering their horses turnout overnight inside of daylight hours. To keep your stable ammonia free, muck stalls daily and use an odor eliminator like Bye Bye Odor to cull the harmful ammonia.

Outdoor horses: If your horse lives outdoors or has to be outside all day, make certain there is a shaded area to seek refuse from the sun. A simple run-in shed is ideal. Trees are a terrific source of shade just remember the sun does move so check it’s offering some sort of cover all day. White turnout sheets, available from your local tack shop can reflect the sun and help keep your horse cool.

Stabled or Outdoors either will benefit from basic fly control steps like proper manure management, keeping the weeds cleaned up, remembering more rain equals more flies, encouraging other beneficial insects like the dung beetle AND by using of Fly Predators, and Bye Bye Insects Fly & Mosquito Spray.