The first step to controlling flies is determining what kind of flies you have. In this image below our awesome entomologist on staff, Jessica, identifies different flies on a horse's shoulder. When in doubt, write in or call us at 800-737-2753 to help determine the types of flies you have so we can offer solutions for those specific flies.

Circled above:
  • Blue is horn flies
  • Red is female house fly
  • Green is male face flies
  • Yellow is female face flies
Without having a very good look at the wing venation this is our entomologist, Jessica's, best estimation. However, seeing the female house fly in there for comparison makes her fairly sure. Horn and face flies are exclusive to pastured cow manure. House flies can breed in horse or cow manure. Fly Predators are nature's own enemy against the House Fly and Biting Stable Fly! Read our Guide to Fly Control for Horses!