This weekend is Memorial Weekend advance of Monday's Memorial Day and while many folks view it as the beginning of summer and a terrific reason for a cook out with family and friends (which it is), we would like to thank our Service Members AND their families for all the sacfices they take to keep our country safe. Now, more than ever, we appreciate all our military and first responders do for us.

Did you know?

  1. A horse (Mongolian Pony to be specific) was awarded not one but TWO Purple Hearts for her service to the US Marine Corps? Find out more here.
  2. Our amazing entomologist on staff, Jessica, and her husband volunteer for Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. It's a not for profit organization that works with veterans coming out of VA (Veterans Affairs) hospitals and clinics all over the country. Find out more here.
  3. Equestrian sport (specifically Dressage) is rooted in deep military history? Find out more here.

Stay safe this weekend, enjoy the holiday, and support vet and first responder owned businesses when you can please. ♥