We have a wonderful product for hikers, fishermen and anyone who ventures outdoors where there are lots of hungry mosquitoes. To confirm this, our very own Chief Fly Guy, Tom Spalding, ventured out to the Pacific Crest Trail in the Sierras recently. The PCT is the route that goes from Mexico to Canada.

 Tom, along with Steve Strutner, who helped develop Bye Bye Insects, literally put Bye Bye Insects to the test hiking the PCT and camping in the High Sierra’s Desolation Wilderness. Tom and Steve would camp overnight near a lake, then hike all day to the next camp, reaching a maximum altitude of 9,400 feet. Each morning Steve would put on his cumbersome bug screen suit with long trousers as the control (using fabric applied repellent) and Tom would wear his shorts and use Bye Bye Insects on himself as the test subject.

When asked about his takeaway from the trip, Tom had this to say, “The views were stunning and the mosquitoes viscous. There are not many mammals to feed on [in that area of the Sierra], so when they find a human, it’s mealtime. I am happy to report that simply by putting Bye Bye Insect on first thing in the morning, when the mosquito pressure was heavy, I didn't get bit all day. I applied Bye Bye Insects once again the evening at camp to keep the dusk mosquitoes at bay.”

Would you prefer this ↓ bug screen suit?

OR prefer wearing ↓ comfy shorts with a smile?

Tom ↓ at 9,400 feet overlooking Dick's Lake. After a climb here it was a steep decent to a lake well beyond the last lake shown. Where there was water, there were mosquitoes.

Bye Bye Insects vs Hungry Mosquitoes?.. Clearly Bye Bye Insects is the winner! To learn more about Bye Bye Insects, Click Here.