Learn about natural horsemanship in this classic episode with the legendary show horse Rick Lamb. Natural horsemanship is a way of working and playing with horses that uses their nature rather than fighting it. The Parelli’s use a step-by-step approach to horsemanship that allows people to reach their goals with horses whether that means competing in the show ring or feeling safe on a trail ride. Get some specific techniques that you can use, right now, to help you and your horse! Watch here now!

It's a small world!.. Our very own Tom Spalding's 1970's company, Warehouse Sound, sold Rick his first professional recorder! When Tom met him some 30 years later at a horse show, they discovered their paths had crossed long ago. Rick was also the MC for the renowned Light Hands Horsemanship Events which Spalding Labs produced for several years with many talented equestrians.

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