Are your competitions canceled and scheduled group trail rides out for a while? Why not take care of your best horsey friend, your equipment, and YOU TOO during this downtime with a little equestrian inspired spa day! 

 Your Horse: Wash your horse with shampoo for a clean, shiny and freshly scented coat, mane and tail. If you have a gray horse, one with lots of chrome, socks or stockings? Use a special shampoo to get the white surfaces extra white. Want to enjoy a clean coat and tangle-free mane and tail for an extra long time? Finally, treat its hooves with a hoof oil

Your Equipment: Always make sure that your leather is clean before you start treating it with oil or conditioner. Clean the leather with water or a special soap and wait for it to dry. Then treat it with an oil or conditioner. First remove as much hair as possible from your brushes and then scrub them clean with a bucket of clean water and, for example, a splash of iodine shampoo. 
Your Self: Give yourself a little extra love too! A regular at home shower can be a wellness spa experience by simply giving your hair shampoo a little extra massage and leaving in your conditioner just a bit longer or giving your nails a nice warm soaks or scrub with a nail brush. Don’t have special nail formulated oil at home like you’d get in a pro manicure or pedicure? No worries. I bet you have some coconut oil in the kitchen that will do the trick or massage in a nice hand cream or body oil.

Don’t have all these equine products in your tack room at home? If your local feed store is closed or unable to offer curbside touchless pick-up, you can order form our friends at Valley Vet!