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Now everybody has favorites. Here's 5 of mine all time favs below!

Slide Into Reining featuring Tim McQuay, Lyle Lovett, Craig Schmersal, Jack Brainard, and MORE!

Reining is a demonstration of a horse’s willingness and a horse’s athleticism. The horse’s ability to respond to a rider is very special. With reining horses you have the quickness of a barrel horse and the slowness of a pleasure horse. It’s very precise, kinda like driving a Ferrari. Watch NOW!

Michael Martin Murphey: What Am I Doing Here?

Murph performs his original song titled "What Am I Doing Here". First he reminisces about some of the circumstances that influenced him to write the song and produce the album "Cowboy Songs". Enjoy HERE!

Safe Horse Fencing & Emergency Vet Visit When Horse Runs Through A Fence

Horse’s can get hurt on the most benign objects. There’s no such thing as safe fencing but Doc Jenni likes a strong wooden fence with electric rope. When you’re trying to choose the best fencing for your horse is to think about how you’re going to keep your horse off the fence. Check it OUT!

Carson Kressley Celebrity Saddlebred Horseman with Angelea Kelly

Enjoy Angelea Kelly's charming interview with horseman, celebrity and stylist Carson Kressley. Carson began riding at an early age and his passion and drive has not only risen him to the top of the celebrity entertainment scene but likewise developed him into a skilled equestrian as well. MEET Carson Kressley!

Natural Horseman Masterclass with Jon Ensign, How To Catch Your Horse

Natural horsemanship master, Jon Ensign, shows you how to catch your horse. Learn from a MASTER!