February was a LONG month. Truly though… it had an extra 24 hours in it! Thankfully March is here and Spring arriving in short order! Here’s a few tips to help you transition from your winter hibernation to longer daylight hours and more outdoor activities!

  1. Longer daylight hours means more turnout and exercise for the ponies. Pull out your turnout sheets and check for rips and holes. Mend where necessary. Give those sheets a little sniff and see if they need a run through the washer with a capful of Bye Bye Odor Concentrate too!
  2. Pick up the phone and call your vet. Spring often correlates with vaccinations and it most certainly means more time on the trails or at competitions so make sure you have the vet paperwork and shots you need to hit the road. Don't forget to order your Bye Bye Insects Fly & Mosquito Spray as well. You'll need it out there on the trails or at local horse shows.
  3. For most of us, Winter means a shift in feeding program and Spring is no different. Revisit your horse's nutritional plan! Make sure you have the proper stock of hay in the barn, pick up an extra salt block at your feed store, and even consider having your local ag extension service out for soil testing to check your nutrients in your pastures. Most ag extension services offer this for free to local residents. Search for yours on USDA's website.
  4. No hoof. No horse. We can never hear these faithful words enough. Spring usually means rain and lots of it. Make sure you have ample thrush remedy on hand, easy access to hoof picks to clean your horse's feet daily whether in the stall or turnout, and get on your farrier's schedule as it will likely fast fill up this time of year!

Most importantly, pat yourself on the back for getting through these long winter months, give your horse a hug, and look forward to longer days and warmer rides!  ♥