Thank goodness winter is ALMOST over! As the days grow longer our horses are going to start shedding. Here's my four favorite best practices to help shed your horse of his or her wintery thick coat!

  1. Start leaving the barn lights on and extra couple hours after dark. The cold isn't the only thing that brings on the fluff, it's the shorter days and lack of daylight that does it as well SO leave the lights a few hours after sunset is a simple trick. No electricity in your stable? My neighbor didn't have electricity their first year in their stable so they hung up Christmas lights instead. It was a pretty white glow and seemed to function as well as my method.
  2. As soon as it's warm enough, give them a good bath. Make sure to rinse the shampoo & conditioner well because of all that extra hair. 
  3. Let the rubber curry mitt be a BFF! I've had the same rubber curry mitt since I was 10 years old and it works as well today as day one! They range from $5-10 and worth every penny. I prefer this over a metal curry comb as, with the mitt, you get to feel across your horses body plus you can flip the mitt to the other side and other hand + they are way safer to rub up and down your horses legs! Also your new shedding BFF will be the Strip Hair at as it's one of the best ways to strip all over body hair AND it's recommended by the legendary Pat Parelli!
  4. Ask your vet or equine nutritionist before making any changes in their diet. There's lots of coat conditioning supplements out there and some are great. I topped my horses AM/PM grain with several different types of oils over the years including; vegetable oil, sunflower oil, and BioStar's Empower.

PS - Make sure you are ready for Spring and fly season by re-ordering your Fly Predators and add on to that your order of Bye Bye Insects as well as Bye Bye Odor so you too are Ready? Set? Go! for the impending 2020 fly season!