Lari Dee Guy was born and raised in Abilene, TX 1971. She has been roping and ranching since she was able to be on a horse. Lari Dee has won 11-consecutive AJRA world roping titles beginning at age 9. She attended Vernon Junior College where she won a NIRA National Championship, and then moved on to Texas Tech University where she won a second NIRA National Championship. Lari Dee has won numerous titles through the years since college and has been crucial in the advancement and breakout of breakaway roping. 

Lari Dee trains roping horses at her family's Abilene ranch and likewise puts on roping clinics all over the World. She continues to be a dominating force in the roping industry, empowering female ropers far and wide with her #RopeLikeAGirl campaign.

Lari Dee lives by the Cowboy Code and values instilled in her by the great State of Texas. She is honest as the day is long, always taking the high road.

January 16th was a historical occasion as Lari Dee was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame! She joins the likes of  Trevor Brazile, Lane Frost, Buster Welch, Wanda Bush, JJ Hampton and so many more legends. We're all proud and honored to know her.

Thank you for all you do and will continue to do not only for female equestrians but for the overall rodeo industry. CONGRATULATIONS!

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