It's down to the wire for your gift giving list! This is it! Here’s 5+ terrific gift ideas for all the horsey lovers (and horses) on your list!
1. Duh!.. Give the gift that keeps on giving to everyone at the stable! Give the gift of Fly Predators!
2. Give them a digital or printed gift card from there favorite local or online tack shop or Angelea's equibarre workout!
3. Put bottles of Bye Bye Insects on your list for everyone. This too is a gift that keeps on give with happiness & health through the coming season.
4. Kits and Cats = Give a braiding, travel hygiene, or boot cleaning kit or if your stable needs a mouser consider adopting a kitty!
5. GIVE a donation to your local favorite horse rescue and make the donation in the name of your friend or family member! ♥  
6. The simple pure love of a stocking stuffed with peppermints, apples, carrots, maybe a hoof pick, a new lead rope, or some mane detangler gel is a fine and simple gift for horsey friends and horses alike! ALSO... consider our friends at Absorbine's amazing new product Silver Honey!
And while you wrap presents, go to to enjoy our wonderful classic cowboy holiday music!

Please share any of your own last minute horse friendly gift ideas in the comments below!