Spalding Labs is family owned and operated AND filled with terrific, animal-loving, and long standing team members! Our team is thankful for you! I asked for submissions of what some of us are thankful for on a personal level and received some lovely responses. I share with you some giving thanks below! Happy Thanksgiving to you all and happy holiday season!

Tom Spalding, Spalding Team Member Since ♥ The Beginning  ♥
"We are thankful for another Thanksgiving with all the family including my 97-year-old mom who founded Spalding Labs along with my brother Pat 43 years ago."
Jessica Starcevich, Spalding Team Member Since 2011
"I am thankful for animal rescues and rescuers who have done so much to join me with some truly amazing dogs!"
Toni Dunn, Spalding Team Member Since 1975
"Working for Spalding Labs since I was 10 has been a huge blessing. I have a second home and family in my Spalding family."
Dawn Allen, Spalding Labs Team Member Since 2014
"I am thankful, for the love and support of my family who allow me to have my horse time too!"
Margaret Pinalto, Spalding Team Member Since 2007
"I am thankful for my family and how they put up with me.  My nephew is my hero, served our country without question.  Big Red 1 United States Army."
Dakota Palacio, Spalding Labs Team Member Since 2018
"I’m thankful for my Ben! He is the best buddy a girl could ask for. Always there and always loving. He reminds me everyday why I want to love animals and people too! He’s a good reminder to laugh because he is quite goofy!"
Crystal Calkins, Spalding Team Member Since 2004
"I am thankful for my little family and our desire to be adventurous together, loving, forgiving, encouraging and blessed that we have these opportunities."
Angelea Kelly, Spalding Team Member Since 2012
"I'm thankful I work from home and spend all day with my pup Izzy."
AND, just cuz, I had to share a few more photos of Jess' rescues through the years!!! As you can tell, we kinda love animals here at Spalding Labs!  ♥
 Happy, happy day!  ☺