With animal people, like our team at Spalding Labs, there's usually some of us that enjoy the fun dress up our animal opportunity this time of year. Here's just a few picts that should bring a smile and at least one or two "Awwwww!" so enjoy!

Dakota's kitties! This bag of bones "skeleton" kitty cat is named Kit. Watch out for this furry feline come Halloween night. Tuxedo kitties are well-known for their tricks!

This adorable orange ball of fur is called Mochi. This holiday Mochi is sporting a happy Jack-o'-lantern costume. 

 Next in this Halloween menagerie we have Dawn's handsome cowboy Sterling. Sterling is 1 this year and definitely thinks she's people. Her human mom and dad are going to be a rodeo clown and a bull! Love this clever combo!

Here's some more adorableness from Dawn!.. Her daughter Gabby dressed up the whole gang as snorkelers! Too cute!

This is my little Izzy from last year. Do note, she is not a Patriot player. She is in costume as Derek Zoolander giving his signature "Blue Steel" look on Halloween dressed up as his favorite president (you'll just have to see the movie to get it). Hint, hint... Derek is "really, really, really good looking" but none too smart.

While not technical in costume, I have to share this photo of Dakota's pet spider. She has many really interesting arachnids in her pet family but I just love this picture of Regal Jumping Spider (Phiddipus regius) named Indigo!

Do you have fun photos of your animal family in costume for Halloween? Please feel free to send any (ideally with breeds and names) to us at enews@spalding-labs.com and we'll share them on our social media! Happy trick or treating!