If you're not happy with your fly spray, Bye Bye Insects™ is one to try next! It's based principally on Essential Oils and it's the first essential oil product to work comparable to synthetic chemical pesticides like Pyrethroids. There's lots to love and it smells great too! 

Don’t take just our word for it, below is a survey from 2019 customers on what they thought of Bye Bye Insects. By contrast, have you ever seen a fly spray manufacturer publish a customer satisfaction survey?

Spalding Labs has been doing detailed surveys and publishing the results with Fly Predators since 2004. This premier year with our Bye Bye Insects survey follows this tradition and we've had almost 1,100 responses so far. The vast majority of Bye Bye Insect customers like it, a LOT!

If you use fly spray, give Bye Bye Insects a try next year! You can read more about Bye Bye Insects by  CLICKING HERE.

Actual results from our survey are below.

Bye Bye Insects' Biting Stable Fly Repellency Performance on Horses vs. Other Brands

Looking at the graph above of fly repellency, note that Bye Bye Insects (Yellow) has comparable repellency to Farnam’s Tri-Tec14, Absorbine’s UltraShield Red and Pyranha’s Spray & Wipe, three of the “high end” Pyrethroid Synthetic Pesticide sprays. Bye Bye Insects performed far better than the other Essential Oil sprays like Absorbine’s UltraShield Green or SmartPak’s OutSmart. These tests were for Biting Stable Flies which are harder to repel than House Flies. Chart data as of 10/20/18. Test protocol and full data posted at spalding-labs.com/ef7my.

Absorbine’s UltraShield Green and Red, Farnam’s Tri-Tec14 and Bronco, Pyranha’s Spray & Wipe, SmartPak’s OutSmart, Spalding’s Bye Bye Insects are trademarks of those respective companies.