My Fly Predators arrived hatch! What should I do?
Fly Predator hatch times vary. The species that comprise Fly Predators have a life cycle that is very dependent on overall average temperatures. At ideal conditions (around 85°F) it takes a minimum of 2 weeks for the Fly Predator to develop from egg to adult. At much warmer temperatures, they can hatch much sooner. Generally, we try to send out Fly Predators that have already been incubated for about a week, so that in the warm summer months, they will begin hatching within 5 days of arrival. However, temperatures during travel and temperatures where they are being kept can have large impacts on how quickly Fly Predators hatch. If they have already hatched there's nothing to worry about. Release as normal.
How do I help my Fly Predators hatch quicker?
This is typically not an issue in August but if your Fly Predators have not hatched within 5 days of arrival, you can help them along. Keep them at a consistently warm temperature once you receive them. Don’t put them in direct sun as this can make them too hot while in the bag. On top of a refrigerator is a cozy place, but write a note so you don’t forget them.
Help us help you and your Fly Predators!
Many folks take vacations this time of year. To avoid receiving a Fly Predators shipment while you’re away on holidays, be proactive and call us to change your shipment date. Fly Predators can be “cooked” inside a mailbox in the summer heat.