A cold Spring delayed fly season in much of the country. Many of us have also experienced a lot of rain.  As temperatures begin to rise rapidly across the country, all that moisture means fly season is going to start with a bang.  Make sure you’re prepared.

First, if you haven’t already, make sure to get your Fly Predators ordered.  Don’t wait until you see a lot of  flies. If you still need to order, give us a call at 800-737-2753 or click here.

Second, we’re all short on time, so make sure to use it wisely. All the moisture this spring may be leaving you with muddy lots, growing manure piles and areas you just can’t get clean until it dries. If you’ve been keeping your manure pile stacked tall, it is generating a lot of heat. Getting that removed can be placed on the back burner as far as flies are concerned because that heat will cook most of what is growing in there and only the cooler bottom edges will support fly growth. 

Areas to do first are where things like hay, weeds or grass clippings have gotten beaten into the ground.  Even without manure, these areas can breed a lot of Biting Stable flies. If you’re not going to be able to clean them up quickly, don’t forget to treat those areas with some Fly Predators. This includes compost, drainage ditches, areas of runoff and any other areas with decaying vegetation.  For more information on where flies breed click here.

Third, if you already have flies starting and are worried you may be behind the curve, consider using traps to catch those early adults.  If House Flies (the ones on your horse’s face) are bothering you, try a sticky EZ Trap in areas where flies hang out or use odor traps, such as the Giant Fly Relief Bag, placed at least 150ft away from areas you don’t want flies.  Odor traps are used to attract flies to a location you don’t care about. Never put smelly traps in or near your barn or back door.

 Don’t forget to get rid of those traps when they’re full though, or you may be creating more flies as the larvae can climb back out of those traps when there is not enough water to drown them.  If the leg Biting Stable Flies are the problem, try the Bite Free Stable Fly Trap.  To learn more about what types of traps to use for what types of flies and how to use them click here. Watch the video on using traps.

Finally, Bye Bye Insects, our new principally Essential Oil-based fly spray can help give your horses some relief from flies while Fly Predators get to work.  This great smelling spray can be used at varying dilutions from 50% to full strength depending on your horse and fly pressure.  Bye Bye Insects is the only Essential Oil-based fly spray that can keep up with synthetic pesticides.  Plus, you can use it on yourself as well!  Keep flies and mosquitoes away from you and your horses at home, on the trail, or at the show with Bye Bye Insects.  Be cautioned however, this spray can stain white or light-colored hair/clothing.  This disappears over time but does not wash out readily.  More info click here.

Summer is finally coming, make sure you’re ready!