As January draws to a close, it’s the time when most all of us take a look at our New Year’s resolutions. How did we do? Were they realistic? Can we continue them through the year? Fingers crossed you took the tiger by the tail and have rocked every resolution you made for yourself thus far!

Mine was simple. An underachiever you might say but so many years have passed making grand resolutions that a mere mortal cannot aspire to, I thought it nice to give myself an easy win. “Go to a yoga class 1 day per week in the month of January.” Yup. That’s it. Period. JUST for January and only 1 time per week! Needless to say, I’ve showed that resolution whose boss and then some plus I’m going into February scaling up my days.

More often than not and especially for us horse loving types, our resolutions are generalized or grandiose such as “I’m going to ride more.” or “I’m going to get in better shape.” OR moreover “I’m going to qualify for regional championships this year so I will ride 4x a week and workout 3x week and take at least 2 lessons per month and only eat veggies and get to bed by 9pm every night except Saturday.” And the latter, again as horse people, is far from realistic. 

No matter where you are at in your success towards meeting or beating your resolution, all of us equestrians should think of ourselves as athletes. Both our horses and we truly are athletes! Even if you’re a trail rider, you AND your horse still need agility to walk through that small creek, stamina to be out there riding for hours, and core strength to stay centered and safe when that random critter pops out from the forest causing your horse to shy sideways. 

The long and the short of this ramble is, I thought it a perfect time of the year to share the HorseGirlTV episode “Athleticism of the equestrian and the equine athlete.” It’s a short 7 and a half minutes long and contains some inspiring nuggets of information for both you and your horse. 

PS - Do remember, it’s also that time of year to reorder your Fly Predators if you already haven’t AND consider trying out the new Bye Bye Insects Fly and Mosquito Spray. It out performs other leading brands, is principally essential oils, works on humans and their horses AND it smells amazing too!

PSS - I've been taking hot yoga classes so there's a wee bit of sweating involved thus I wash all my soaked yoga gear together with a capful of Bye Bye Odor in the rinse cycle and say bye bye to gym odors! :-)