Unless you’re a snowbird hitting Wellington or So Cal for the winter season, you’re likely in the midst of some downright chilly temps! Make sure your horse moves into Spring healthy and fit with these 4 equine management tips.

  1. Hay is generally slow to digest yet we typically feed more of it through the winter months, and even more on those colder days, so consider implementing a slow feeder over winter. Your horse will be more likely to graze naturally and therefore digest more to a normal schedule and you’ll help them continually generate heat when they are gradually munching (not gorging) throughout the day. Whether your horse is pastured or stabled, there’s quite a few safe slow feeding options out there for both! If you can't bring a slow feeder into your stable management program, consider simply spreading out their hay throughout the pasture or their stall to get them to walk around and munch over huddling down in one spot. Keep ‘em walking!
  2. Keeping your horse hydrated is always important and horses tend to drink less (much like us humans) in the winter. Keeping a top-quality salt lick readily available for your trusty steed throughout the winter is a great way to keep them thirsty and subsequently hydrated. Our favorite is from Redmond Rock on a Rope and if you’re looking for a most tasty salt for yourself, try their Real Salt. Nom nom nom good!
  3. Walk the fence line and look for any wear and tear the bitter cold or rain has inflicted on your pastures or paddocks. Fence nails can lift as temps shift and water puddles can become slippery ice pads. Remove any sharp edges and consider either sprinkling down some salt on ice patches to prevent slipping or section your horses off from icy areas.
  4. If you blanket over winter, definitely remove the blankets to check your horse for any rubbing regularly. Blankets keep them warm but they also must fit properly without discomfort. Rips… If you can catch any rips in blanket fabric early on, it’s much easier to stitch up before they become gaping holes. Also, give them a nice brush when you pull and check your blankets to remove any dust or mud which can lead to bacterial or fungal infections. This is a good time to spray Bye Bye Odor on any urine or manure spots your horse might have created when laying down in the pasture or their stalls. Bye Bye Odor neutralizes the ammonia in the urine so your horse can breathe easy.

Spring is JUST around the corner!