There's several different types of biting flies. Below are a few with some tips to get rid of them.

Biting stable flies predominantly develop in manure for us horse people. They can also develop in decaying moist vegetation like hay chaff, lawn clippings, dead weeds, etc. Be sure to compost grass clippings and weeds from weed eating or spread them thin to dry. Clean out mower decks and grass collection bags each time you mow.

Use Fly Predators to cull your house fly and biting stable fly populations and Fly Traps to keep any remaining flies that might come over from your neighbors at bay! Make sure you are Pick The Right Traps for the flies you're trying to catch.

A few other buggy biting flies are midges and no-see-ums. These two biters come from muddy ground and some species from water, so for these flies, try to keep areas dry by making sure you have good drainage, and fix any leaking water hoses and water tanks. 

Happy, fly free, summer!