1. Indoors or Outdoors? If your horse is stabled with daily turnout, consider adjusting his turn out time to the coolest part of the day. In many parts of the country where day time temps and humidity spike, horse owners consider offering their horses turnout overnight inside of daylight hours. To keep your stable ammonia free, muck stalls daily and use an odor eliminator like Bye Bye Odor to cull the harmful ammonia. If your horse lives outdoors or has to be outside all day, make certain there is a shaded area to seek refuse from the sun. A simple run-in shed is ideal. Trees are a terrific source of shade just remember the sun does move so check it’s offering some sort of cover all day. White turnout sheets, available from your local tack shop can reflect the sun and help keep your horse cool.

2. Air flow: No matter if your horse is indoors or outdoors, fans are a cost effective and easy to implement method to move air around and provide some relieve from the heat. Always practice safety first when using fans by making sure you’re plugging in to a secure, grounded outlet and that all cords, blades, and other parts of the fan are out of your horses reach.

3. Hydration: Plenty of fresh, cool water (possibly with an electrolyte source in it or nearby) is paramount! If you put an electrolyte in your horses main water trough, make certain to offer a second option as not all horses will drink electrolyte-laced water. Try Rein Water from our friends at Redmond Equine too (for 15% off use code RW15)!

4. Riding: It’s hot (and in some conditions dangerously hot) to train for both you and your horse midday in the peak of the summer. Consider adjusting your training time to a cooler part of the day OR if you can’t train earlier or later in the day then adjust the work you do by shortening your sessions. This is important for those hot days and if you have hot AND humid days it will be a larger challenge. Take more time cooling your horse out, untack as quickly as possible, and cool them off with water or a cooling ligament or gel.

5. "Make It Rain" If you have a built in stable fly spray misting system consider repurposing it as a water misting system. By using Fly Predators, you’ll mitigate the need to spray gallons of harmful pesticides on your horse. Improve your air quality by mixing in Bye Bye Odor to your misting system to help keep BO (barn odor) at bay and your horses breathing cleaner air. No built in system?.. Spray bottles work great! Simply mist stall floors and walls daily by easily incorporating it into your turn out routine.

Photo © Ric Horst Photography.