All moms are special. Horse show moms are extra, extra, super, duper special! Not only are you the housekeeper, taxi driver, teacher, therapist, etc. but as a horse show mom or as a horsey mom you are also groom, horse holder, stall mucker, night checker, trailer packer,.. you know the drill! ;-) Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th and whether you're a mom to horse, human, or both here's a few ideas to help you treat yourself because you deserve it!

  1. Manicure - Do you get nervous at horse shows or even heading out on the trail? Sometimes riding is nail biting stuff. Give yourself a manicure from your local salon or buy a kit and treat yourself at home!
  2. Breakfast - Prep this easy cinnamon roll recipe the night before then pop them in the oven and by the time you're back in from feeding and watering the horses your house will be filled with yummy smells! Sit down with a cup of coffee or glass of juice and treat yourself to a scumptious breakfast roll!
  3. Fitness - This is the perfect treat yourself gift for all those countless hours of leading horses to turn out and bringing back in, walking back to the trailer because you forgot XYZ, or walking the course. Count your steps and fitness with a Fit Bit!
  4. Skin Care - It's so simple yet so necessary to protect your skin. Treat yourself to nice bottle of hydrating sunscreen or a sun hat for all those long days of horse showing, trail riding, or general let's hang out at the barn all day days!
  5. BYO Seating - Let's face it, most horse shows and clinics don't offer the most comfy of seating options. Treat yourself and buy a backpack converting stadium seat to take with you!

Kick back and relax!