A horsegirl's work is never done and there's always something fun and exciting at the stable year round. Spring is no exception so here's 4 tips to make sure you and your horses are ready for what follows!

  1. Connect with your vet. If you compete, you'll probably need to get a new Coggins pulled. Everyone should assess parasite control getting into spring then summer months. Most riders train more during the spring and summer months thus biting more often so it's a good idea to have all your horses teeth checked. General fitness and training evals are always smart tip this time of year as well.
  2. Clean up! As the weather warms and we start taking off layers it's natural to want to "spring clean" and the same holds true for our horses. Give some good attention to your leather goods like boots, gloves, saddle, and bridle. The things that we use daily often don't see the care they need. Your tack room might not have seen much love over winter either. Open the windows, dust off everything, and bring some spring freshness back into your helmet, boots, saddle pads, sheets, and anything else that might be odor ridden like stalls with some Bye Bye Odor.
  3. Be prepared for the bugs! Of course you need to make sure you've reordered your Fly Predators! Remember you should start before you see flies! Make sure you have Mosquito Torpedos on hand. Those pesky little buggers carry disease, both horse and human so we want to keep them at bay. For the trails and when you go to competition, make sure to have some Fly Spray with you! Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure you have the correct fly traps on hand!
  4. Tune up and check in on peripherals too! We don't think of our tractors, manure spreaders, muck buckets, or even rakes and misc tools until they break. Give a walk through for soundness on all farm support equipment. You'll thank yourself when you need those things the most!

Happy riding and happy spring! :-)