I've been using Bye Bye Odor since 2012 and LOVE it. I use it on everything from my boots, helmet, and gloves to my clothes and even to freshen up the sofa or bathroom shower curtain but this is titled 3 Tips to Manage Winter BO (Barn Odors) so below are three of my favorite uses for it in the stable!

  1. Der... in the stalls of course! I pick the stall, spritz Bye Bye Odor on the urine spots and cover with fresh bedding. Do this for a few days with all cleanings in your barn and you'll notice a HUGE difference!
  2. Lay your saddle pads upside down to let the sweat dry out and spray them with Bye Bye Odor. The sweat smell will be a thing of the past and your entire tack room will smell wonderful too!
  3. You know those winter stable blankets stained with pee spots? Instead of washing and re-washing and wearing them out, I was them half the amount of times throughout the season I used to because I just spray Bye Bye Odor on the urine and manure spots and it totally eliminates the smell. This is good for the life of your blankets and good for the health of your horse too by not being covered in harmful urine odor. My only word to the wise is make sure your horse is ok with you spraying the blanket while he or she is wearing it. If not, just give the blanket a quick spray down after you've tacked up and before reapplying after your work out.

And there you have it! Three easy ways to get rid of winter time BO (barn odor) and keep your stable filled with the yummy smell of happy horses! :)