All moms are special. Moms wear many hats such as; chef, housekeeper, finance manager, taxi driver, personal assistant, teacher, cheerleader, vacation coordinator, therapist, and the list goes on. Horsey moms are extra, extra special adding to that already lengthly list items like; groom, horse holder, and stall mucker. Mom's day is Sunday, May 14th and it will be here before you know it so here's a list of some equestrian inspired and otherwise gift ideas!

  1. Sun screen - For applying to herself (and YOU) during those long days of horse showing, trail riding, or general let's hang out at the barn all day days!
  2. Bye Bye Odor - To keep your stable, trailer, blankets, dog beds, and anywhere or thing else you want to eliminate odors from, try Bye Bye Odor.
  3. Lawn chair - For all those hours she will watch your riding lessons tirelessly OR perhaps relax as you clean the stable or prep lunch after a long morning of horsing around.
  4. Sun hat - SEE item 1 for when the sun screen wears off + having the cover of a sun hat will make it much easier for her to see through the camcorder as she records you and your friends riding! :-)
  5. Fly Predators - This is obvious... Order your Fly Predators so she, you, your friends, and animals won't be bothered by pesky flies at your farm.
  6. Fit Bit - The perfect gift so all those countless hours of leading horses to turn out and bringing back in, walking back to the trailer because you forgot XYZ, or walking the course with you can actually be counted with a Fit Bit!
  7. Bike Basket - In case she's tired of all the walking (SEE above) and would enjoy riding her bike around but remember... the basket is so she can put your bottle of water, camera, towel, some Fly Spray for when you're at events away from home, and maybe a little lip gloss for you to apply right before you enter the ring.

Thanks to long time Fly Predator customer DevonWood Equestrian Center for this terrific, let's laugh outloud, horse camp photo!