Stable management is so much more than just mucking stalls, tacking horses, and dropping grain. Horses are not just a part of our lives, they are a lifestyle. Here's 5 tips tops for improved stable management.

  1. Winter months can be challenging to exercise our horses and ourselves. When adjusting the amount of activity for both, remember to adjust your food and their feed rations accordingly. ;-)
  2. Scan each horse in your stable at feeding time for knicks, scratches, or any potential wounds. If they are blanketed in winter then check them on your daily blanket changes.
  3. If you stable your horses, save money on bedding by footing the initial expense for rubber matting. Interlocking mats are the best and easier to muck with a longer lifespan.
  4. Consider a heater in your tack room over winter and a dehumidifier over summer to lengthen the life of your tack. Proper climate control works wonders!
  5. Clean your stalls daily and spritz Bye Bye Odor to neutralize the harmful ammonia smell. Both you and your horse will benefit from and perform better breathing cleaner air!

Photo courtesy Richard Horst Photography!