Richard Winters is a leading horsemanship expert focusing in the western disciplines of reined cow horse and colt starting events like the Road to the Horse which he won in 2009 then was their color commentator from 2010 through 2015 and won 2nd place in 2016! He is an A rated horse judge and sought after clinician. Richard's approach to riding is best surmised with his quote, “The further I go in my horsemanship, the further there is to travel while on this journey!” Rather than focusing on an end goal, Richard enjoys the entire horsemanship journey.

Spalding Labs was fortunate enough to work with Richard on producing an educational series called Tricks and Tips. It's the month of pumpkins, falling leaves, AND trick or treaters so appropriate we focus on Tricks and Tips! Richard's video on proper halter tying is one of my favorites. Just click here to watch it and if you'd like to see his complete series of Tips and Tricks, click here.

My HorseGirl tip for October?.. Buy a 4 ounce concentrate bottle of Bye Bye Odor because it's going to get cold, you're going to close up the stable, and you want to make sure you eliminate harmful ammonia caused by urine. Happy Fall and Halloween!