I've been a member of the Spalding Labs Team since January 2012 and over the years have enjoyed meeting more and more SLers all over the country. They/we are... Well seasoned and well traveled! When you're talking with someone at Spalding Labs, you're talking with someone who knows their stuff and has seen first hand a wide variety of uses for Fly Predators. You're also talking with someone who knows fly control, the big picture, with a body of experience as the average Spalding Labs Team member has been with the company for 11 years. 

The kewl folks at Spalding Labs visit as many customers a year as possible during the summer months and, in the process, get to meet quite a few unique types of customers that benefit from Fly Predators. From Spalding's very own, Tom Spalding, getting down and dirty finding the fly hot spots at an awesome dairy farm to meeting a top level riding donkey to watching Sonny "monkey around" at the zoo with some adorable lemurs to my visit to a terrific Maryland brewery, there's aways some neat customer benefiting from biological fly control. How far does it reach? Have you eaten a Little Casaer's or Dominos pizza? If the answer is yes then you've likely enjoyed tomato sauce that was protected by Fly Predators!

I hope you enjoy these fun photos from unique Fly Predators customers all over the USA...

 Tom Spalding at an organic dairy farm helping them find fly "hot spots"

Tom Spalding at an organic dairy farm helping them find fly "hot spots" 

Top Tevis 100 mile endurance cup competition mule!

Top level riding donkey!

Sonny playing around with some lemurs at a zoo! 

A tomato processing plant! 

My flight of tasters at an awesome Fly Predator customer brewery!

If you're reading this you probably already use Fly Predators and I hope you enjoyed the benefits of them this past summer. I also know the kids are just back in school so it is a great time to dial in your fly control for next season and re-order you Fly Predators now to get that early renewal bonus! If you don't use Fly Predators and are interested in biological fly control, click here to learn more about them!