If you've been reading eNews for a while now then you're well aware I'm a Bye Bye Odor aholic! I used it for years on my kitty litter box and cat bedding in the wash and know how brilliantly it works. It came to my attention recently that many of the awesome Spalding Labs customers are not aware of Bye Bye Odor OR it's terrific and versatile applications. Long time cat lovers, Tom and Barbara Spalding, as well as many customers have extensively testing Bye Bye Odor for Cats. So, I thought you might want a little additional information on the basics of Bye Bye Odor!..

It is an all natural, non-toxic odor eliminator. It is designed to clean up, not cover up nasty cat box odors. For any cats that “mark” or “spray,” Bye Bye Odor will remove the smell from those areas thus mitigating re-marking. .

What's really cool about this is Spalding guarantees 100% cat urine odor elimination or your money back. I've always had great success with Bye Bye Odor whether it's in the stable, horse trailer, dog beds, litter boxes, surfing wetsuits, or just general odor removal from extremely soiled laundry. You should try it and can order Bye Bye Odor for Cat just by clicking here. Please send me any feedback here. I am always excited to learn new and inventive uses for it!

If you try it, it's safe to bet, your kitty will thank you for it! Mine certainly did! :-)