Lester Buckley is a top horseman among all the top horseman! He has done it all from ranch western colt starting in Texas to jumping sport horses in Germany! Spalding Labs produced a terrific Learning to Ride series with Lester and producer, Bill Froehlich. Bill wants to learn to ride but only has 2 days in his schedule to spend with Lester Buckley. Bill admits, riding looks easy when Lester does it but once you’re on the horse it’s a different story. If you're new to riding this step-by-step series will walk you through everything you need to know to being your riding career. If you're a seasoned professional, you might just find a gem of knowledge in there as well! Lester shares lessons and safety tips. He takes the long process of teaching someone to ride and condenses it down to just two days in this fun to watch 12 part series!

Watch Part One of the Lester Buckley Learning to Ride series NOW!

If you enjoyed Learning to Ride, check out this interview with Science of Motion French horseman, Jean Luc Cornille.

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