If the Little Britches Rodeo was summer school, Jackson Schmidt would receive an A+!..

At nine years old, Jackson Schmidt became the All Around World Finals Champion for his division at this year’s National Little Britches Rodeo. This week-long competition took place in Guthrie, Oklahoma from July 4-10. Among 150 competitors for the all-around title, Schmidt began the competition in 26th place.

Schmidt competed with his horses Uno and Anvil in goat tail tying, flags, poles, and barrel racing. According to his father, Dustin Schmidt, this competition was one of the most difficult he has faced yet as there were not any practice rounds so young Schmidt just had to go in and ride the pattern. As the week progressed and he began accumulating points, the speculation he could win the title grew and grew.  By weeks end it was apparent and Schmidt was awarded reserve world champion for poles and flag racing as well as all-around world finals champion plus barrel racing world champion. With the titles won, Schmidt’s prizes rolled in via numerous belt buckles, spurs, saddles, and a scholarship.

Regarding his winnings, young Schmidt had this to say, “I got some really nice things for winning including three saddles, 12 belt buckles and three sets of spurs and some cash prizes. I think I am really proud of the scholarship money I was given because I want to go to Texas to college on a rodeo scholarship someday.”

Congrats young man and thank you so much for the sweetest hand written thank you card to Spalding for their support of the Little Britches Rodeo Association!